Competition Prints are corrected for color and density based on competition standards. Available on our Fuji Pro, Fuji Metallic and Fuji Deep Matte papers in three print sizes and your choice between 4 mounting options.


PPA Competition Print Standards:

Images may be submitted in any shape and size on a mount board a minimum of 80 square inches to a maximum of 480 square inches, with the largest dimension no longer than 24".

  • Print entries must be mounted on a standard mount material (double weight mat board, gator board, ¼" foam, or Sintra.
  • Recommended mounting thickness is 1/8" to 3/8". "Float" mounting is accepted at entrant's risk for damage. Images on metal and mounted to another standard material must have rounded corners and smooth edges. No mount that could potentially damage other entries or pose a danger to print handlers will be accepted. Masonite, glass, stretcher frames or conventional frames will not be accepted.
  • No material may be added to the front or back of an entry that may damage another entry.

How To Order:

Competition Prints are available through ROES and can be found under the 'Competition Prints' catalog.

Turn Around Time: 

2 Business Days / SPEND $15 = FREE SHIPPING

Please allow an additional business day for Metallic & Deep Matte prints.


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Fuji Pro Color Corrected

16x20: $29.90

16x24 $31.60

20x24: $38.95

Metallic Color Corrected

16x20: $36.50

16x24: $37.85

20x24: $45.80


Deep Matte Color Corrected

16x20: $40.15

16x24: $41.65

20x24: $50.40

*Custom cuts are available to any size, with 24" being the longest side. 


Double Weight Mount

16x20: $10.50

16x24 $11.75

20x24: $11.75

Single Weight Mount

16x20: $10.50

16x24 $11.75

20x24: $11.75


3/16" inch Gator

16x20: $28.15

16x24 $41.70

20x24: $46.40

Black or White Styrene .80" thick

16x20: $18.30

16x24 $20.85

20x24: $20.85


Mounting and Finishing 

Please see our Shipping Information for policies.