For professional photographers and designers, maintaining a calibrated and profiled monitor is essential to attaining consistent and predictable color on all monitors. This user-friendly calibration kit is perfect for ensuring you with the most accurate monitor-to-print color accuracy!

  • The ColorMunki features an enhanced sensor, providing you with higher sensitivity in dark areas for better control in shadow detail as well as a more neutral gray scale.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC (Mac OSX, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
  • Advanced optical and filter systems.
  • Automatic Display Control
  • USB powered
  • Profiling software for displays and projectors.

For more information on monitor calibration and color management.

How To Order:

Monitor Calibration Kits are available through ROES and can be found under the 'Studio Supplies' catalog.

Turn Around Time:

5 - 7 Business Days / FREE SHIPPING


Color Munki: $215