Personalize a year's worth of memories with ouR Press Print calendars and provide an excellent way to spruce up any wall, refrigerator or door!

  • Opening to a full 11x17, Press Print Calendars offer plenty of room to jot down appointments, notes and reminders on three unique grid designs ranging from classic solid colors to bold and modern patterns.

  • Printed on durable 110lb. card stock, Press Print Calendars will easily withstand everyday use complete with acid-free paper to ensure the quality of your images for years to come.

  • Choose to start your calendar on any month of the year!

Please note that the paper white for Press Print Calendars is different than our Crystal Archive PD Paper, which means that identical images could appear slightly different in color and saturation.

8.5x11/$23.25 each

How To Order

Press Print Calendars are available through ROES and can be found under the 'Press Print Calendars' catalog. There is a .25'' bleed around all image sides. Do not place any text or borders closer than .25'' from any edge. Please note that Press Print products are exempt from ALL promotions and discounts.

Turn Around Time

5 - 7 Business Days / FREE SHIPPING