Slip-in-Mats are an easy and affordable way to package your photos and art prints.

Each mat measures 8" x 10" in size with a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" opening. This white mat with a white core is made from 4-ply mat board. It is buffered, pH neutral to keep photos safe. Photos easily slide in and out without the use of tape or glue. Prints slip-in from the top.

How To Order:

Slip-In-Mats can be found under the "Additional Finishing Options" header when ordering 5x7 Fuji Pro, Metallic and Deep Matte Prints as well as the 'Studio Supplies' catalog. 

Turn Around Time:

2 Business Days / SPEND $15 = FREE SHIPPING


Price includes the Slip-In Mat only. Find print prices here.

Slip-In Mat: $3.50