Soft Proofing

Soft proofing is the ability to view a simulation On Your Monitor of how your image will look when printed, based on the chosen profile. Download the profile and Follow the steps below to ensure accurate color before you print.

Click Above to Download

Click Above to Download

Attach the correct icc profile to your files in Photoshop to view how your image will look when printed.

Please be aware that the ICC Profile provided is to be used for Soft proofing Only. It is best to keep your files in a working color mode of sRGB. DO NOT convert your working profile to the ICC Profile(s) provided. This will give you results you will not be happy with.

Where to install ICC profiles:


Store profile in /Library/ColorSync/Profiles allows all users to use them.


Copy/Paste the icc profiles into: \Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color



1. After installing the profiles, from the top menu bar select: 'View'Proof Setup-Custom'

2. Under 'Device to Simulate' change to the correct profile you downloaded.

3. Leave Preserve RGB Numbers Unchecked.

4. Rendering Intent: Perceptual

5. Check Black Point Compensation.

6. Simulate Paper Color = Yes/On, Checked

7. Simulate Ink Black = No/off, uncheck

8. Save this proof set up (i.e. ColorInc_Lustre; ColorInc_Metallic)

The name of your setting will appear in the box next to the Custom Proof Condition box. By saving these settings they will now become your default, and will be set the same every time you open Photoshop. Every time you open an image in Photoshop go to 'View-Proof Setup'. Your saved profiles should be listed at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

Make sure the correct .icm paper profile is selected in the 'Device to Simulate' box. This will change your image to look like it will when it is printed at Color Inc.

How to Soft Proof With Lightroom

1. After installing the profiles, be sure to restart Lightroom.

2. Next, from the Develop Module go to View > Soft Proofing > Show Proof. 

3. On the right panel click on the profile drop down menu, select other and choose your desired Color Inc paper profile. 

4. Choose perceptual rending intent. 

5. Turn on Simulate Paper and Ink. 

6. Edit image with soft proofing on.