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Color Inc. Verified Business Program


CLIck Away 2016 Attendees : qualify & Spend $500 in October

& receive PRO Status Through 2017



Status Levels:


  • Valid State Sales Tax/Resale Certificate *
  • A Photography Related Website*
  • $500 Annual Spend 
  • 4% off off All regularly priced orders 


  • $2,000 Annual Spend
  • 8% off All regularly priced orders 


  • $12,000 Annual Spend 
  • 12% off All regularly priced orders 
  • Free VIP Rush

Pro +

  • $20,000 Annual Spend 
  • 15% off All regularly priced orders 
  • Free VIP Rush
  • Free Drop Ship 

Fine Print

All Participants must Qualify Annually to retain status levels.

Discounts cannot be combined with other sales or promotions (it's an either or thing). However, sale purchases do qualify toward your Annual Spend :)  

Color Inc reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the Verified Business program at anytime. 

* required at all levels


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