Introducing GotPhoto- online store and Galleries for school and sports

A Match made in heaven GotPhoto+ColorInc = Beautiful Galleries just for School and Sports

Sell School and Sports photos in your own Online Store

The site takes your customers through the order process step by step, making online orders easy and stress-free. The online shop is accessible from all devices and can be personalized to you and your branding. Offer your customers additional incentives, like savings bundles and digital downloads, or even the opportunity to personalize their own products.

  • Secure customer access

    Registration and individual access codes are secure ensuring that parents only see photos of their own children. The entire shop is SSL-locked to encrypt and secure transmitted data.

  • Easy payment

    our customers can pay via Paypal, debit and credit cards. You decide what options to offer – the ball is in your court.

  • QR Tagging

    A unique access card with its own QR code is attached to every new photo series. Each photo series is then automatically assigned to each child upon uploading. The access card also serves as the parents’ key to access the online shop later.

  • Automatic order process

    We match every payment to the correct order for you, so they can go straight to production. Customer orders are passed right onto the ColorInc after payment, and we deliver the finished products directly to the customers. You don’t have to be an unnecessary middleman.

Have a look at our demo shop – login with the password “demo” and test the functionality.

For more information reach out to Robert at the lab or Matthew at GotPhoto directly

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