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Color Inc. Rewards Program

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Status Levels:

Base  = $500 previous year spending

  • 5% off all regularly priced orders*

Shooter = $2000 previous year spending

  • 10% off all regularly priced orders* 

Pro  = $4000 previous year spending

  • 15% off all regularly priced orders* 

Pro +  = $8000 previous year spending

  • 20% off all regularly priced orders* 
  • $300 in FREE Studio Samples

*Please note that not all catalogs accept promo codes and exclusions may apply.


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Check your current 2016 spend status by logging into your client control panel, clicking "Orders" and inputting the Activity Date Range 1/1/2016 - 12/31/2016  
Please provide supporting documentation; see below
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For Verification Purposes, please post a DROPBOX link to your State Tax/Resale Certificate and Competitor Spending documentation or email to
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Fine Print 

At a different lab last year?  Qualify for Color Inc status with competitor spending your first year!

  • Subsequent year qualifications will not take competitor spending into consideration.  

Participants must qualify annually.

  • Program start date 3/4/2017.  Discounts are non-retroactive

Previous year spending qualifies for current year reward status

  • 2016 spending = 2017 rewards status

Check your Color Inc spending by logging into your Client Control Panel, clicking "orders" and inputting the activity date range (i.e. 1/1/2016 - 12/31/2016) 

  • If qualifying from a competitor, supporting documentation is required 

Promo Codes will expire on the 31st of December each calendar year, and a new application reflecting the previous years spending is required to reactivate

Studio Samples are a one time benefit

Discounts cannot be combined with other sales or promotional offers (it's an either or thing). Not all catalogs accept promo codes and exclusions may apply 

Color Inc reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the rewards program at anytime

A Color Inc customer service representative will verify your qualifiers and e-mail your unique promo code (most codes will be processed within 24 hours, Mon. - Fri.)